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Second month of Revolutionary War titles revealed with Marvel's February Solicits.

I had intended to post these up on Friday. But we've been away over the weekend, so you're getting them now... ;)

So, Marvel's February 2014 solicits are out, and this means that two more Revolutionary War one-shots have had covers and issue information revealed.

First up:

Variant Cover by Liam Sharp
Part 4 of "Revolutionary War"
• The long-awaited return of DEATH'S HEAD -- one of the biggest hits of the original Marvel UK!
• Death's Head! Death's Head II! On an adventure together for the first time EVER!
• What threat could be grave enough to bring these two heroes together from across time? How about the villainous Mys-Tech organization resurfacing with an army?!
32 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ ...$3.99

And another great Mark Brooks cover, there. I've mentioned before that THREE versions of Death's Head have been active in Marvel, recently. The version in Kieron Gillen's Iron Man series had recently gone MIA. But that still leaves TWO.

1) Death's Head II, last seen in the pages of Captain Britain & MI13.


2) A version of Death's Head I, stranded in the present in an issue of Avenging Spider-man.

Looking at the character designs shown on that cover I'd say there's a fair chance that's what we might be looking at here. Two versions of the same character from different points in their own personal timeline. Why hasn't somebody done this before?

And yes. MYS-TECH. Could they be Revolutionary War's Big Bad? We'll have to wait and see...

Secondly we have:

Variant Cover by TBD
Part 5 of "Revolutionary War"
• Some of the most popular heroes of Marvel UK return for SUPERSOLDIERS – and where the Supersoldiers go, trouble isn't far behind!
• It's the Supersoldiers versus Mys-Tech in all-out war!
• When a vast army of Mys-Tech Psycho Wraiths come calling on a small Scottish town, it's up to the Supersoldiers to put them down for good!
32 PGS./ ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ ...$3.99

That's right. Super Soldiers.

It's been a while, but from memory I'm assuming that's Invincible (Joseph Hauer), the most focussed on Soldier front and centre. The big guy behind him is, without question, Gog (Owen Llewelyn) the highly modified Welsh guy with bionic eyes.

The other two? I'm figuring the red-headed guy on the left is Govnor (Andy Black) the little guy who could absorb kinetic energy and convert it into strength. The guy with the bandana? I'm not so sure. It might be Dalton. I guess we'll have to wait and see... :)

And yes. Psycho Wraiths. Remember them? A little MYS-TECH side project based out of an undisclosed part of the Scottish highlands, which were once activated by the board members to take down Dark Angel. I wonder whether there's been a few more of them sitting unactivated all these years? Just sitting in wait?

So yes, that's what we have coming up in February. Notice also, that when compared next to the 3 covers from January's solicits there is a clear sense of progression going on on the covers themselves, as the event progresses. Check out the flames on the Union Flag at the bottom of each issue's cover.  Absent in the Revolutionary War Alpha cover, creeping in on the base of the Dark Angel and Knights of Pendragon issues, and then far more prominent on both of these new issues. A nice touch.

You'll also notice that if you look back up to the Death's Head II one-shot above you'll see that DH2 co-creator Liam Sharp will be doing a variant cover for this one. The finished article is still under wraps, however Liam Sharp has put up a rough sketch of what we presume is that cover on his Facebook page.

Even as a rough sketch you've got to admit that looks pretty damn good. I cannot wait to see the finished article.

So there ya go, to more officially solicited issues. And as I've said before if you want to read them, go to your local comic book store and ask them to pit a copy by for you. By pre-ordering you'll make sure you get the book you want and you'll also let the store owner know that people are interested in the series.

You can't really go wrong with that.

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