Saturday, 30 November 2013

Revolutionary War: Omega cover Revealed

So, over at this week's Axel-In-Charge column for Comic Book Resources they've mostly been talking about the fallout from Marvel's 'Infinity' event. Oddly, though, it's not an image from Infinity that's being used as a Header for the column, or the image being used by CBR on their front page.

No, that'd be an image from the cover of a very different book altogether.

Linked to the following question:

CBR: On a different front, Derek Metaltron had two questions, starting with, "As an Englishman I'm really happy to see the Marvel UK characters get a spotlight in the Revolutionary War one-shots, especially Captain Britain! I was wondering whether there are any plans after this for Brian Braddock and company? I would love to see some more of MI-13 or an Excalibur reunion."

Alonso: Let's get through "Revolutionary War" first and see if there's even a Britain to be Captain of…But here's a look at the cover to "Revolutionary War: Omega" for a bit of a clue.

And here is that cover:

Again with Mark Brooks on art duties.

A great picture image of Captain Britain, Dark Angel and Death's Head II.

I guess we'll have to wait and see to find out if Britain survives... But it's great to have an image like that dominate (despite really being a footnote) a whole larger article on something else.

The Revolution is Coming.


  1. Love it! So excited, I've pre-ordered the first three parts.

  2. Excellent. Yes, I too am getting pretty excited about this, now. Need to start doing a few articles to bring folks up to speed for the lesser known titles getting one-shots.