Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bits and Bobs - 2nd February 2013

As longer readers may know (And I say longer readers, because frankly I haven't done it in ages...) as I occasionally scour the internet for fan art and artist commission work related to Marvel UK (Well, it certainly seems that for the time being we're not going to be getting much in the way of *new* art through other channels...). 

Here's a few spotted on my travels...

Here's a lesser spotted thing. A piece featuring Harley 'Motormouth' Davis, of Motormouth and Killpower fame. One of my favourite Marvel UK character, if I'm honest, but one which very few people even remember. The sonic powered girl who swears like a sailor was last seen in Captain Britain & MI13, durig the Vampire State arc. As to whether she would have stayed on the team had the book continued? Who knows. But this is a really nice likeness by LukeDenby . He's called it 'Porfanity'. :)

You might want to click and open the larger version of this image in another tab, in case you miss something. There's a lot of detail in this one...

Labelled as Kitty in Wonderland this image does feature X-Men as well as Excalibur (Though not with quite as much priority), and paints Kitty Pryde into a bizarre Alice in Wonderland scenario. Not entirely dissimilar, of course, to what Chris Claremont and Alan Davis actually did in early issues of Excalibur itself. 

The piece is by caanantheartboy, and a full list of characters embedded in that image is shown on the link above.

My personal favourite is Magneto the mouse, levitating the cutlery... :)

And then we have the mastermind of MI13 , Pete Wisdom. Marvel may have put a stop to Pete's chainsmoking ways, through editorial policy (Though both Frank Tieiri and Paul Cornell have both at least mentioned it in panel, since then) but you tell him that.

This piece, naturally entitled Just can't kick the Habit, is by iambickilography.

And finally, a fight which frankly you probably never expected to see. In reality, almost certainly won't ever see. But, oh my God don't you wish that you could?

It's Bounty Hunter (Freelance Peackeeper, surely?) vs Bounty Hunter, with Bespin as the backdrop. Marvel UK did of course at one point own the Stars Wars license. British originated Star Wars comics happened. Alan Moore even wrote some of them. This could have happened. Maybe.

The artwork is by Super-Nashwan, who even details his scenario on the link above.

That's all for now.



  1. Great stuff, what a bunch of talented folk. My favourite is Kitty in Wonderland.

  2. Really strong work, that one. Lots of little touches which make you smile. :)

  3. well marvel seems to be taking over the star wars license (rumored) again so who knows?

  4. It'll be interesting to see where that goes. I mean Disney now owning Star Wars it would make sense for the comics publisher they own to also be publishing Star Wars comics. But we'll see.

    I have several reservations over the direction Dsiney seem to be interested in taking Star Wars down. All rumours at this stage. I just hope that JJ Abrams can do for them as well as he seems to have done with the Star Trek franchise.

    I also do hope that it doesn't result in Disney shutting down The Clone Wars animated series - which has been doing in infinitely better job in making prequel material than Lucas did with the films he put out. :)