Saturday, 2 February 2013

Alan Davis artwork for The Daredevils #11 sells for £3299.

I was recently alerted to this auction by a couple of blog readers, and actually bid on it myself until it passed beyond my price range.

What we have above is the original Alan Davis cover art from The Daredevils #11. The final issue in the series (The story continued over in the pages of Might World of Marvel) in which Captain Britain and The Special Executive realise that even fighting together they cannot kill The Fury. There are casualties. The outlook is bleak.

Here's how it looked in production.

The level of detail in Davis artwork is incredible. The coloured version really doesn't do it justice. It truly is THE iconic cover of the Mooe and Davis run, without any shadow of a doubt.

Needless to say I would have loved to have it. Unfortunately I was outbid, and the auction ended at midday today, at a fairly sizeable £3299 (around $5185). It was a private listing, so I have no idea who won it. But whoever they are they've got themselves some truly beautiful artwork there.

Brilliant stuff.


  1. What I wouldn't give for this to adorn my wall! I'm drooling at the thought of it! He's still the best comic artist out there in my humble opinion!

  2. I totally agree. He is an incredibly consistent artist. And obviously THE Captain Britain artist. And this cover? If you needed one image to cover the entire of More and Davis' run this would be my choice. Excellent piece.

  3. This amazing cover stuck in my mind for 30+ years. I was fortunate enough to meet (via Facebook) an incredible guy who made me a custom of the cover of Daredevils #11. I originally just wanted a Fury as to my knowledge he hasnt been made in any line of statues/action figures. On chatting further I asked if it was possible to recreate the cover in a statue form rather than an articulated action figure of Cap/Fury. I then asked for a chess set base to mimic the comic, one side of the display to have a page from the book and the other to show unspace which was what got Jim fried in the end :)Heres the result which to my mind is a wonderful recreation.

    Hats off to the creators for giving us such an amazing story and in the Fury a character so different to Marveldom of the era I never forgot him.

  4. Hey Elven ! Never mind a crooked world its a small one :)