Wednesday, 14 November 2012

MI13 fans might want to cast an eye towards Gambit...

While Captain Britain has been making a fair few regular appearances over the past year (Whether those have been a good or a bad thing I'll leave up to you, the reader, to decide...) the rest of MI13 - the current agency responsible for investigating all things superhuman, supernatural and extraterrestrial in Marvel's Britain - have been somewhat absent of late.

Not any more.

This week sees the release of Gambit #5, from the latest ongoing solo series for the X-Men's resident thief and confidence trickster. It sports this rather lovely Terry Dodson cover:

And while, at this stage, the actual UK involvement is limited to the final few pages of the issue it's what those pages deliver which interests me.

One Pete Wisdom, and MI13.

This is the book's second arc, written by James Asmus and with art from Diogenes Neves. Asmus has promised that both Pete Wisdom and Faiza 'Excalibur' Hussain are both going to be quite involved in this arc, largely because it centres in quite specifically on a certain Sword which Faiza happens to be the current owner of...

I've enjoyed Asmus' previous work at Marvel. He took over Generation Hope (from Kieron Gillen) as part of the big X-Men: Regenesis line wide relaunch, last year, and was doing some really great work with that book. Slightly different roster, interesting new direction, one my few X-Men highlights of the last couple of years.

So *naturally* Marvel went and cancelled it. Idiots.

But given that I like Asmus' writing style, that he seems to have a handle on Gambit (Which is actually harder than some might think), and with his using Faiza for the first time since Captain Britain & MI13 ended, I am sold.

Somewhat ironically, the last Gambit arc was also drawn by Captain Britain & MI13 artist, Leonard Kirk. Small world...

Gambit #5 is out today (Wednesday 14th November) from all the usual places you can purchase comics.


  1. Good to see you posting again! I wouldn't have even known to pick up a Gambit comic if I hadn't read it here. Speaking of Pete Wisdom, has anyone directed you to this picture from this last DragonCon in Atlanta?
    There was an entire British Marvel contingent.

  2. Hi Sawyer.

    I did see these guys, and Good Lord what an incredible effort. The guy dressed up as Captain Midlands in particular, impressed me.

    I did try to find out who owned the photos, to get permission to repost them. But all I could find was people who'd been linked *to* them. :/

    And impressive cosplay effort. rops to them. :)