Thursday, 15 November 2012

A curious Marvel NOW teaser.

You know about Marvel NOW, right? The big Marvel comics relaunch? They play this game of delivering one word teaser adverts for books they're about to announce, with the surnames of the writer and artist above them.

So for Iron Man, launched recently, they went with the word 'Invincible' and the names Gillen and Land. For The relaunch of Thunderbolts they went with 'Lightning,' and the names Way and Dillon.

And so on.

Well today, via iFanboy, circulated this new teaser image.

Which certainly appears to bear the names of two of my favourite Captain Britain creators - Paul Cornell and Alan Davis.

And naturally, if you put two creators with a shared history of working ON Captain Britain, there can be only one choice of property.

That's RIGHT!

Wolver... ine? Oh. Okay.

Or at least that is what the sound effect 'Snikt' generally refers to at Marvel.

Now we don't know for certain that it is Paul Cornell and Alan Davis. It's not... impossible for this to be a book by Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and... Willow and Star Wars Actor Warwick Davis.

And in that case I think I'd have to buy it for shits and giggles, if nothing else.

But the odds are that it is them involved. As for what the book will actually be about? As to whether or not it will be a Wolverine book? We'll see. But one thing's for sure, with those two names likely to be involved I shall be following this one pretty closely...

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  1. Its more than likely going to be Wolverine. From what I understand, Marvel NOW! just involves shuffling creative teams around their various titles, leaving continuity relatively intact with the current teams having to wrap up their current runs in time for the 'relaunch'. It's an attempt to claw back some of their market share from the phenomenal (er, relatively speaking) success DC have had with last years' The New 52.I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm sure it'll all be fine, in the scheme of things and at least its not another bloody 'event' crossover and is a more honest 'reboot' of various characters, but I dunno, is this what it takes to keep interest in comics going now?