Monday, 11 October 2010

Are you going to BICS 2010?

As I have been explaining over on the Twitter feed this morning (And you've probably noticed yourself), It Came From Darkmoor... has undergone a little bit of a make-under today, and a general clean up. The previous site make-over, back in the summer, was not one I was ever entirely happy with. Coupled with the difficulty a few people had been having replying to posts, things had to change. I hope that the new layout makes things a little cleaner and clearer for folks to read. Posts have returned to the much more traditional layout Blogger offers, so hopefully fewer problems should arise.

May I also apologise for the clear lack of updates since the summer. Life and work have made updating the site regularly a little difficult. I've still been responding to emails, Tweets, and in replies to posts on this site, but posting up full articles has been tougher. I do actually have a backlog of stuff to put up, including Issue Summaries, at least one Interview, more cameos from Marvel UK characters, and other stuff which up until this point I've just not had a chance to sit down and put together into an article. This week, however, I'm taking some hard earned leave, and my intention is to get as much of the backlog onto the site as I can before BICS at the weekend. So keep an eye out for new stuff coming.

And on the subject of BICS, yes it's that time of year again! And crikey it's come around fast...

This year's British International Comics Show will once again be taking place at  Millennium Point in Birmingham, and it will be taking place this weekend the 16th & 17th of October. As most of you know this is the nearest I have to a Home Con, here in Britain, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Highlights for this year's Show include Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards (By Videocall) talking about their series Turf from Image Comics, British comics Legend Bryan Hitch who will be taking part in a live Podcast with Geek Syndicate, Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard who will be talking about the upcoming TV Series with exclusive backstage footage and the official Trailer on view, Nicola Scott (Teen Titans) and Mahmud A. Asrar (The Atom) talking about there work for the new DC Comics, and Action Comics and former Captain Britain & MI13 writer Paul Cornell will be talking about his writing career in multiple media, accompanied by artists Yanick Paquette and Jimmy Broxton who will doing covers and interiors respectively on his new Knight & Squire limited series.

(And as a side note, all fans of CB&MI13 and of British Superhero Comics in general should pick up Knight & Squire. It's out this week. And I have a feeling it will be right up your street.)

And of course there will be a fair few Marvel UK veterans on hand at the show, as well. Once again Alan Davis and Mark Farmer will be attending, hopefully doing sketches again. Former Marvel UK Editor John Freeman will also be in attendance, at the Print Media Productions stand. John is now the Editor of PMP's Strip Magazine, which is a new comic magazine, due to come out monthly. For more information check out their Blog.

This year, as last, one of the best ways to follow the Event is via Twitter, using the #BICS hashtag. I shall be, and for those unaware of my handle on Twitter it's @theswordisdrawn . The organisers of the show also have an account @TweeterBICS , which has been tweeting out updates about the show over the last six months.

Oh, if you happen to spot me at the Con, feel free to come over and say 'Hi'. It was great to meet a few of you last year, and I promise that I'm perfectly approachable. This year however, to aid people in finding me (And to avoid the awkwardness of folks having to ask random strangers if they ARE me) I will put up a photo of myself, on Twitter, on the day. Possibly on here too if I get a chance...

BICS is probably the largest true Comics show in the UK, now, and it's always a lot of fun. A good mix of Guests, creators from different genres, a chance to actually meet them, and great opportunities for Small Press guys to exhibit their work. Tickets are still available - £12 a day for adults and £6 for children. Or you can have a pass for both days, at a price of £20 per adult and £10 per child. There are also discounts for family groups.

For more information visit the BICS website

I might see you there...

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