Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tom Brevoort toying with possibility of pairing CB&MI13 in a 2-in-1 Book?

You guys know who Tom Brevoort is, right? VP Executive Editor at Marvel?

Well, a week ago I mentioned how he answered a question about Captain Britain's Avengers d├ębut over at the T&A column at CBR.

A helpful reader drew my attention to his Formspring account earlier today. Formspring, for those unaware, is a site which allows the kind of interaction of Twitter, but in a framework allowing larger questions to be asked.

Amongst the many recent questions there was this one, from two days back:

Okay, so this doesn't actually spell out that CB&MI13 might make the cut, so to speak, but it certainly sounds like Mr Brevoort is thinking about the idea of a split book.

And with 4 titles out of Marvel's stable in the last year to have been axed by #5, for not reaching Marvel's thresholds for continuation, it certainly seems like a novel way of keeping smaller properties going.

And compared to some Captain Britain & MI13's run now looks like a huge success in comparison.

If it were to share a book with a recently culled Marvel property who would folks like to see it be?

Atlas? S.W.O.R.D.? Runaways?

There's a fair number of options, worryingly...


  1. nextwave/Captain Britain

    That is all.

  2. Ah, but with Cornell now over at DC, who would write Captain Britain & MI:13?

  3. And that would be the only stumbling block...

    That said there is no shortage of writers who could. I'd love to see Abnett and Lanning have a go at penning MI13, or Keiron Gillen, now that SWORD is done and his Thor run is coming to an end. How about Rob Williams? He did a decent enough job writing Wisdom and Cap in Deadpool team-up.

    There are possibilities. It's a great premise for a team, with an entire sub-universe of characters at your disposal. I'm sure that an umber of writers might be interested if it was on offer. And not just British writers.

  4. Oh go on then, I'll write it. ;)

  5. I read about captain britain. I like it..

  6. Perhaps Alpha Flight or the Winter Guard?

    Marvel International has a nice ring to it as a title.

  7. What a lovely idea, I'd far rather see a proper spotlight for Cap and co rather than have Cap be an Avengers hanger-on ... him being in the US as an Avenger is a daft idea. Britain hasn't enough heroes, and he's our premier guy.

  8. But Mart! If there's ever one thing I've tried to point out with this Blog it's that there ARE plenty British heroes! ;)

    I don't mind the idea of Captain Britain as an Avenger. Providing we ever actually see him, of course. The problem is that since that Age of Heroes story... we haven't. No follow up of any kind.

    I had hopes that it would come to pass, but as time goes on it seems more and more unlikely. There was even talk of an Avengers lineup shake-up to be revealed at San Diego. But that turned out to be Red Hulk joining The Avengers.

    Sometimes I despair.

    Apologies for the Radio Silence recently everyone. If any of you live in the UK and have seen the advert for the F1 videogame on TV... well, that's why I haven't had much free time of late. A lot of extra working hours to get that one in the shops. It was worth it, though.

  9. I'd absolutely love a Captain Brit & MI:13 split with S.W.O.R.D. get Gillen on writing duties for both stories, it'd be bloody excellent.

    I can't believe the Avengers line-up change turned out to be Red Hulk.... ugh, I was convinced it was going to be Brian!