Tuesday, 11 May 2010

It's CAP WEDNESDAY - Wha-!? Huh?

No. You're not reading this incorrectly. Captain Britain & MI13 IS still cancelled. More's the pity, but we can't have everything.

However, tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th of May) is being declared a token 'CAP WEDNESDAY' by fans of the series, due to the team's guest appearance in Deadpool Team-Up #893.

It's written by fellow Brit, 2000 AD and Cla$$war writer Rob Williams, and while I'm sure that the thought of Deadpool may turn some people off seriously, put that to one side for a minute.

Rob knows what he's doing. He's a fan of 80s Captain Britain and he's not afraid to reference it! This story focusses on a weapon tech haul, recently turned up in Britain, which once belonged to Cap's one time nemesis Slaymaster. And it seems quite a few people are rather interested in seizing ownership...

Including a guy who just happens to be employing Deadpool. :)

The story shows real promise, and if you're interested in taking a prospective glance at it you can find a preview HERE!

It's always worth supporting a British creator, but this one genuinely does look a lot of fun. Plus, it's the first REAL example of of MI13 guesting outside of what was their own title. If you are a fan, if you were gutted that Marvel canned it, or even if you just love reading quirky stories set in Marvel's Britain, you MUST pick this up!

And needless to say, it all helps to remind Marvel that there is still a fanbase for this team. If those issue were to sell slightly higher than the Team-Up issues around it... well that could only be a good thing ;)

Deadpool Team-Up #893 is out on Wednesday the 12th in the USA and Thursday 13th in the UK.


  1. This was pretty good. Did you pick it up?

  2. Hi Russell,

    Frustratingly, by the time I got to FP in Coventry there weren't any copies left on the shelf! :(

    I went to eBay. I'll have it in the week.

    What did you think?