Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Is this the moment Captain Britain is asked to become an Avenger?

Remember that Age of Heroes solicit from a couple of months back?

Well, yes, I fully accept that the Secret Avengers silhouette I posted up my blog post about it turned out to be that of Nova - and not Brian. But despite the silhouettes now having been revealed Ed Brubaker has still said that there are more members joining Steve Rogers' band of Secret Avengers than just the members now revealed.

Remember how the solicit for Age of Heroes #1 said how a member of Mi13 might be leaving for the States? Well, Newsarama have a few unworded preview pages up here. And while we do not have the dialogue we do have this preview page here:

Click to enlarge.

Now we don't know what Steve Rogers has just asked Brian at the bottom there, but Wisdom doesn't look happy about it...

Could it just be that the ex-Captain America has just offered Brian the chance to join his Avengers?

Are we wrong to even hope it?

Seriously, Secret Avengers is made up primarily of characters with definite fan bases, but whom have struggled to maintain ongoing books in the current climate. Nova. Beast (From S.W.O.R.D.). Moon Knight. War Machine.

Surely Brian fits that niche, too? And he'd be a true asset to this secretive team. A guy with near limitless strength, who can see magic hexes as solid things he can tear apart with his hands? He has been doing this kind of work for a while now...

Come on Marvel! Please prove me right on this one... :)

In other news, last week Panini's fourth Captain Britain trade came out:

With comics unable to ship from America (While that sodding volcano in Iceland made the skies un-flyable around Europe) at least we got SOMETHING new to read last week. And what a run, too. Many folks will be reading thiose Black Knight team-up issues for the first time!

For anybody who loved the cover to that volume Staz Johnson is now selling the original art for it on eBay. So if you fancy owning it then click HERE and check it out. Damn. If only I didn't have to buy furniture for this new house...

I'm glad to see that (At time of blogging) 84 of you have now voted in in the Issue-by-Issue Poll, above. Knights of Pendragon is currently leading, but there's still plenty time for that to change. So if you haven't voted yet, now's the time. :)

And finally, it may only be a small thing, but over at Comic Book Resources the Captain Britain and MI13 Appreciation thread, which I was coerced into starting after the book's cancellation last year, has now totalled up to 100 Pages! Dear God, I've created a monster.

But it just goes to show that there ARE still people interested in these characters - from the main cast to Motormouth and Killpower. The interest hasn't disappeared.

And that's pretty positive really.

Bye for now.


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