Thursday, 8 April 2010

Marvel congratulates Captain Britain & Mi13 team on Hugo nomination - And read two issues for FREE!

As posted at the start of the week 'Vampire State' the final arc of Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk's excellent Captain Britain and MI13 has been nominated for Hugo Award.

To celebrate this nomination Marvel have put the first two issues of Vampire State up online, to view for free, through Marvel Digital Comics unlimited. So, for all of those of you who didn't read the book when it came out (And shame on you!), for those of you who have always been curious about the book but never took the plunge, click HERE to see just what you've been missing. You don't have to sign up for anything - they're free to read. All you need is to be connected to the internet.

So, if you love reading British comic book characters (And let's be honest, that probably is how you came to be reading this site), if you love Vampires, or just if you love good sci-fi then go over to Marvel's site and give it a go.

And of course if you happen to be eligible to vote in the Hugo Awards this year please give Vampire State some very serious consideration. :D


  1. Great blog Mark... looks like I have a lot of back reading to do here. I thought you might be interested in this entry on my own blogger page, since it's Captain Britain related.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. It's a shame Marvel is only now really getting behind Captain Britain & Mr Cornell, since he's now off working for DC on Action Comics. I simply couldn't grasp why Marvel didn't give him a frontline title - was this Action gig in the pipeline for a very long time or did Marvel simply completely drop the ball? Whatever, great to know Mr C will be crafting Superman each and every month for hopefully a good while ...

  3. Hi Staz. Thanks for posting up that link. Great work! It also gives us a hint at what's going to be in that volume, which always good. Hope you don't mind, but I've posted that link up on my latest post, so a few more folks will spot it.

    Hello to you too, Colsmi. I agree it, is a shame Marvel have taken a while to realise what they had. I still think that if last years nominations hadn't gotten fluffed up, and CB&MI13 had been on the list, it might have been given a few more months to turn itself around. Given the interest that was sparked online around the time of Vampire State things might have worked out a little differently. Who can say?

    Paul Cornell getting the Action Comics gig is great news. Having seen the way he handled Norman Osborn in Dark X-Men I can't wait to see what he does with Lex Luthor.

    It does amaze me that Marvel didn't offer him another ongoing sooner though. He's had several minis and one shots keeping him busy, all of which were of a pretty consistent high quality, but the ongoing just didn't come. I would have thought that after how strong Dark X-Men was that putting him and Leonard Kirk on an X-Men satellite title would have been a total no-brainer.

    Apparently not.

    Well, Marvel's loss, DC's gain.

    At least it's not exclusive. I still hope we see PC writing MI13 again at some point. Even as a limited series.