Monday, 5 April 2010

Eagle Awards nomination time and Captain Britain nominated for a Hugo.

Hi folks,

I'm sorry for the absence recently. Those of you following my Twitter feed will probably know I'm still living between two houses right now - moving out of the old and into the new. And obviously this has kind of meant It Came From Darkmoor hasn't been as readily updated as it should. I'll be changing ISP this week also, as we move the phone line over. Rest assured though, we'll be back properly by the start of May. I've recovered that Marvel UK A to Z list from a packing crate and I'm raring to go, just as soon as we've got things sorted.

You know... things like a kitchen fitted. And working plumbing.

But in the meantime I could not let a couple of really important things slide. First of all I discovered this weekend that nomination for the 2010 Eagle Awards have just opened. For the uninitiated The Eagle Awards are THE big UK Comics awards, which first started back in 1977, out of Eagle magazine - the book which used to be the home of British Comic Book icon Dan Dare.

Now some regular readers might be thinking 'Hold on! Didn't we do some nominating for the Eagle Awards in the Autumn?'

Well, yeah. But you see, through a bit of a falling out, and lack of a venue, the 2009 Eagle Awards ended up being cancelled. Historically the awards have been delivered at the Bristol Comics Expo each year. That did not happen in 2009. Nominations happened, but the awards themselves never did.

This weekend the panel line-up for (as it is called this year) Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo was announced over at Geek Syndicate, with The Eagle Awards scheduled for first thing on the Sunday morning.

And the Awards being in place obviously means that nominations are needed. And needed quickly! So if you want to have your voice counted you'll want to go here : Nominate!

Nominations are valid for any book, creator or project which was published during 2009.

Now obviously I'm not telling you who to vote for!

But during 2009 I think it's fair to say that Captain Britain & MI13 WAS being published. Vampire State WAS the big arc of that book, during 2009. Paul Cornell was writing it, Leonard Kirk was pencilling it, and Nick Lowe was doing a bloody good job editing it...

And of course there are categories such as Favourite Artist, Favourite Artist: Pencils, Favourite Editor, Favourite American Colour Comic Book, Favourite Continued Story Published during 2009, and Favourite Cover Published during 2009, which need filling out on that form.

It's up to you which you might want to nominate. But just some food for thought... :)

Not sure when nominations close, right now. But as the Awards are in May I'd get my skates on.

So the URL you need is

Nominate away!

In other news nominations were announced this weekend for the prestigious Hugo Awards this year.

Congratulations to Paul Cornell for being nominated for a Best Graphic Story Award for the Vampire State arc of Captain Britain & MI13.

After the cafuffle of last year's nominations I'd imagine that's doubly pleasing for many to see. I'm sure that regular readers will all join me in wishing Mr Cornell all the best of luck. It's up against some good competitors, but I think we all have our fingers firmly crossed for it.

More importantly it's great to see that the title has not been forgotten. Maybe Marvel aught to have think about the Hugos? The only Marvel book which got a nomination and it got cancelled in 2009. Maybe they aught to consider giving it another go...?

That's going to have to be it for now. In all likelihood I won't get a chance to update the site for a few weeks, but while I'm away I'd like you guys to have a think about something for me. As part of my return to more regular Blogging I'd like to do a re-reading of a Marvel UK ongoing title, to highlight that book and give it's tales some internet coverage again.

But which book?

Do you have a personal favourite? A title you'd like to read again along with me? Or just to hear about?

Then let me know. Post your ideas in the comments section of this post and I'll aim to go with the majority decision.

Until next time

Mark (Sword0

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