Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Toys we want to see in production - The Death's Head STIKFA

Some of you may have just read that title, and may be wondering what STIKFA is. Well, STIKFA make click together action figures, mostly based around Army Men, Ninjas and Knights. They were a semi-large cult toy craze of a few years back, of which I actually have a couple on my shelf of collectible crap, at home.

The basic model looks a bit like this:

Kinda cute, huh?

Well, the wonderful thing about action figures these days, is that every once in a while somebody comes up with custom version of a familiar figure which always makes you smile. Such us when I saw a particular custom job on DeviantART, by a chap named Steve Woodhouse (Or fourth-heir, to go by his username). Steve thought, rather ingeniously, that there should be a logical progression from this:

To This:

Striking conversion, YES?

This may well prove to be the nearest fans are likely to get to a Death's Head action figure. I for one would love to see that cleaned up and put into production.

I'd buy one!

Here's a few more shots:

I really love that he's even gone to the effort of getting that weapons rack right. Top work, Steve! And if any of you would like to view some of the other custom figures he's done check out his page here : fourth-heir.deviantart.com/

Got a Marvel UK inspired custom figure? Or a bit of Marvel UK inspired art work, you'd like showcased? Drop us a line at theswordisdrawn@googlemail.com

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