Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Did you walk away with a piece of Overkill Artwork?

Maybe some of you might remember that last year I showcased the cover to #19 of Marvel UK anthology title, Overkill, as one of our 'Covers of the Week'? (Here's a reminder). This was a great painted pop art cover, courtesy of Steve Sampson ( did a number of covers for Overkill in the early 90s, which stood out very well in the newsagent's rack. The cover was an image of mouthy Harley 'Motormouth' Davis, in full scream. It remains one of my favourite covers from that title. Sampson always did a great job on Overkill.

Earlier today I was very pleasantly surprised to find a blog article by John Freeman, formerly of Marvel UK and these days the man responsible for the brilliant and long running Down The Tubes (, posting up a link to an eBay auction.

An auction for the original, pre-title-overlay, cover artwork for Overkill #19!

Doesn't it look bloody brilliant!

The piece eventually went for just under £85. Not bad at all.

I was not the lucky winner sadly, and had to bail at the halfway point (What? I've got a Con to visit this weekend, I'm on a budget!) but somebody out there got a quality piece of Marvel UK history.

Were you the lucky winner? I envy you. ;)

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  1. It wasn't me, either! A great piece from Steve.

    If it's original British artwork you're after, Phil Clark will almost certainly be at the British International Comic Show in Brum this weekend selling old IPC stuff...