Tuesday, 7 April 2009

ICFD Cover of the Week - 7th April 2009

Yeah, it seems like a lifetime since I last did one of these...

This week's (Laugh all you like) cover features Motormouth, in honour of her recent return to Comics in the pages of Captain Britain & MI13, and is from Overkill #5 running back all the way to June 1992.

The cover art was done by Simon Coleby. Simon is currently doing the artwork on Wildstorm's The Authority, with fellow Marvel UKers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Back in the early 90s, though, he was doing artwork spells on Warheads, Death's Head II, and did the link artwork for The Incomplete Death's Head which I was talking about not so long ago.

I'm not sure if anybody else drew Motormouth with that pony tail, now that I think about it. But it's certainly an interesting take on the character. And with a focus on those MOPED boots - very useful dimension hopping footwear that they were.

Currently, as readers of the last CB&MI13 issue will know, Harley's been hospitalised, and her partner Killpower is now imprisoned by Dracula.

Which leads us to that time of the month again. No, crass jokes, please. You know what I mean.

Tomorrow is CAP WEDNESDAY.

Wednesday 8th of April (Or Thursday 9th in the UK) is when you can get your hands on a copy of Captain Britain & MI13 #12. I can't guarantee Motormouth and Killpower are in it, but it CAN guarantee it will be good. So hunt it down.

As has become tradition, you can also acquire the latest animated forum banner I've done:

here: http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/8799/issuetwelvefinal.gif

Sorry, not had time to do a proper preview of the image this month. Things have been a little bit mental.

But before I go, I'd suggest all Death's Head II fans, if you are not already, try to track down a copy of Nova #23. The ongoing story of Evelyn Necker takes an interesting twist this issue, which readers of DHII will find eerily familiar...

Right, I'm off to get some shut-eye now.

Speak soon



  1. Oh wow blast from the past!! I am loving the fact that a lot of the 90s Marvel UK characters are popping up at the moment. Read Nova 23 and I got so excited about Doctor Necker's future being revealed! Now if only Death's Head 2 could return!!

  2. I'm probably one of the few people who actually liked Coleby's old art style. Good times...

    Lots of 1990s characters are resurfacing in Marvel lately, not just the ones from their UK range. Sleepwalker reappeared in Ms Marvel after almost a decade of obscurity, Speedball has become a straw man punching bag for the MU in general, and Darkhawk's star is on the rise again after some disappointing appearances in the last few years as a one-dimensional 'angry dude' - his renaissance coming at the hands of Marvel UK alumni Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, funnily enough.