Monday, 25 August 2008

ICFD Cover of the Week - 25th Aug 2008

Yes, three weeks in a row...

This week's cover is from Overkill #24 and comes from the oils of Mark Harrison, who provided quite a lot of covers for Overkill during its run.

As I've mentioned before, while Mark is quite well-known here in the UK for his work on 2000 AD (Especially with characters such as Durham Red) I have always felt it to be an incredible shame that Marvel never took the opportunity to export Mark to their US line. The quality of his work is always exceptionally high, but back in the early 90s Marvel US seemed very reluctant towards the concept of painted artwork in comics. Maybe because of reproduction costs, maybe because it didn't match the colouring direction they were going down (With the acquisition of Malibu Comics, for example), but here (As with other fully-painted art guys, like Carl Critchlow) I really do feel that they were missing a trick.

This cover features Harrison's first foray into drawing Warheads characters - in this case new recruit Leona McBride. It's a book which was originally pencilled (And very well, for that matter) by Gary Erskine. Harrison matches it's gritty tone very well, and it was no doubt on the back of his depictions of the team that he was given the (sadly ill-fated) Loose Cannons limited series - a series about another, all-female team of Warheads - later on into Marvel UK's imprint days.

You can find more about that here:

I really like this cover. It captures Leona's innocence in her early Warheads outings very well. Anybody who read up as far as Warhead's: Black Dawn will know things definitely changed in her by the the end, but this cover captures the character from those early Vince/Erskine issues brilliantly.

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