Sunday, 17 August 2008

ICFD Cover of the Week - 17th Aug 2008

This week's Cover of the Week we're returning to British shores with this little number from late on in the run of Marvel UK's Brtish published anthology title Overkill.

Overkill #50, from June 1994, is a splendid cover of Death's Head II and Tuck staring out over a field of skulls. It's a collaborative effort between the immense talents of Mr Liam Sharp and Mr Simon Bisley. Now THAT'S a pairing! And it's exactly the kind of reason that I started doing this feature. Overkill had so many great covers and possessed a tone which we certainly felt here in the UK, but I'm not sure translated entirely to American readers. It was grittier over here. Dirtier. But in the most enjoyable sense.

I find myself missing Death's Head and Tuck more and more by the year. I find it hard to believe that Marvel would opt for the reinvented Death's Head 3.0 in favour of this guy. He had so much more to offer. And offer it he would, for the right price...

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  1. Nice arse, luv. And her's isn't bad, either.