Sunday, 24 February 2008

ICFD Cover of the Week - 24th Feb 08

It's that time of week again...

This week's cover is from the US format 90s imprint. Yes, I know that part of the point of this feature was to showcase the covers that US readers never got to see, but this cover is a bit special. Why? Because it's a Marvel UK cover by an American industry great.

Black Axe #1 - By John Romita Jr.

Now, I sometimes hear a bit of derision spread around the net about Black Axe, but I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the character. Sure, his splash page tagline was not as punchy as, say, Spider-man's or the 'Children of the Atom' tag the X-Men had, but I always thought the guy had potential.

Black Axe!

But how can you fault this cover? Black Axe and death's Head drawn by JR Jr? I can't. The detailing is great. And it also shows that Romita can draw a mean Death's Head.

Click for a larger image.
Now, comment away.


  1. I remember that cover, it tricked me into buying the first issue of Black Axe! For years it survived my purges of bad comics thanks to that cover.

  2. It's some good work, yes.

    I have to say, that while I'll probably be in a minority here, I did see a certain amouint of potential in Black Axe. The execution wasn't great, but the character wasn't all bad.