Thursday, 6 December 2007

News Item: Alan Davis talks to Newsarama about The NEW Clan Destine

As many of you may know Alan Davis' early 90s comic book series about a dysfunctional family of superbeings, The Clan Destine, was originally conceived for the Marvel UK imprint. But, sadly, due to Marvel UK folding it eventually got printed stateside by Marvel US. It was originally conceived as an ongoing series, of which Davis had already thought through some twenty issues of continuity, but in the end the series only made it to 8 issues, and an X-Men crossover. A great shame.

Despite having maintained a certain amount of fanbase the series had seemed gone ad forgotten like so much of Marvel UK. That was until early this year, when Marvel Comics announced that Alan Davis had signed a new contract with them, and that part of that deal was going to be a new Clan Destine series.

It's been a long time coming, but finally Clan Destine #1 has been solicited for February 2008, to be accompanied by a hardcover reprint of the original series. Now, that really is a bonus!

But what can we expect from the series? What have the Clan been up to since we last saw them? Alan Davis has done an interview with the guys over at Newsarama, in which he gives people a bit more info.

By the sound of it it's partly going to carry on right from where the first series left off, in some respects. But by the sound of it the twist is that much as though the Clan have always strived to keep themselves hidden from the public, and their centuries-long lives out of the public domain, now in the modern day technology may no longer make that a possibility.

For more info check out the full interview here:

I'm really looking forward to this one.

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