Thursday, 6 December 2007

Mini series suggestion.

So, Captain America is dead, huh? It seems to me that there's a big gap in the Marvel Universe for a new icon. Forget Frank Castle stepping into Cap's shoes, or Bucky. Stuff that!

Marvel needs a real hero.

A real old school hero, to fight for peoples' freedom.

Somebody who suffers no fools, and takes no lip from anybody.

We need:

Yeah, it's only a mock-up ;-) But think of the potential!
He's just like Captain America, if he'd not been frozen in ice for 50 years, and if he'd been born on a Council Estate in Birmingham!
I posted a link to this image on Paul Cornell's blog. He seemed to like it. Although as he pointed out:
"I'm not sure the Captain would want to protect modern things like
He may be right at that... ;-)
Please put the Captain on your new Excalibur team, Paul. The character is genius!

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