Monday, 2 May 2016

Ciara McAvoy teases new image from prospective Captain Britain TV Pitch.

You may remember a few weeks back that I posted about the image online which sparked a Captain Britain TV series rumour, but which in the end turned out to actually be artwork for a TV pitch, from two rookie Producers, who were hoping someday next year to get to show it to Marvel Entertainment.

Well, the poster artist (Caira McAvoy) who they have hired to produce artwork for their 'highlight reel' has over the weekend revealed a new work in progress image of the facial likeness she is working with:

Look familiar to anybody? Can't say that it instantly does, to me. Although I can say that I'm not really sold on the headgear. I've always preferred to see Brian's headwear as a solid framed helmet rather than a cloth cowl, which is certainly what this looks more like. 

McAvoy herself has teased us a little info on her muse for this image:

So let the speculation begin. 

Although, I still wouldn't get too excited about this, yet. Even with the artwork there is no actor in place, there is no series. It's a pitch which this team hope to get an audience with Marvel Entertainment to pitch sometime next year. 

Nothing is at all approaching plausible just yet...

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