Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Looks like that Death's Head series might still be on, after all.

Hello, again.

Well, isn't this a surprise? Two items of News in the space of a week!

I can assure you that it surprises me, just as much as it does yourself.

In my weekend post I mentioned that back at last year's San Diego Comic Con Marvel teased a Death's Head image in their slideshow of future titles coming for 'All-New All-Different' Marvel.

There he is, top right. Simon Williams' design, from the Panini trade collections.

I mentioned that pretty much every character on that screen had now been given a book of their own.

Well, not Citizen V. But we do have a new Thunderbolts title. So that kind of counts. Sort of.

Death's Head, however, had not. And we'd heard nothing more about that since then. Literally nothing. Not a peep.

Well, yesterday Bleeding Cool reported that Marvel Comics had registered a Trademark for exactly that.

"Death's Head"

No details of in what context, for what product lines. But it would certainly suggest that something may be on the horizon, at least.

Bleeding Cool do this from time to time. It should probably be worth noting that a few years back Rich Johnston spotted Trademarks being registered for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' a while before Marvel announced work on a film project of that property.

Don't get ahead of yourself in quite that regard, but the likelihood of a comic series for Old Horn-Head certainly looks a lot more plausible now, doesn't it?

It's far too early to speculate more, right now. But I'd certainly keep an ear or eye out for DH in the coming months...

Keep 'em peeled, Yes?


  1. Death's Head appears on the cover of X-MEN '92 #6 which ships in August, so presumably he features in that issue as well.

  2. What were your thoughts in the Deaths Head II issue of Revolutionary War? I was so looking forward to a recap of that from you!

    1. Hi Chris,

      I absolutely loved that issue. Hit all the right notes, in my book. It was always my intention to go back and recap the remaining issues of Revolutionary War, but life got in the way. Never say never, though.

      Ultimately it set up a principle which I would certainly like to see more of - namely DH, working with himself, in an unorthodox Buddy Book. :)