Saturday, 25 January 2014

Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon Preview.

So, Revolutionary War reaches it's third chapter on Wednesday (29th January). I'll be posting up a summary/catch up of the Dark Angel issue tomorrow morning, but for now I thought you'd probably want a heads up of a preview for the next issue - focusing on Knights of Pendragon - which Comic Book Resources have posted up. An unlettered preview of the first two pages turned up a few weeks ago, but without a context it was a little difficult to get much info about it. There are now four lettered pages on show there, along with the variant cover for the issue.

It looks like this:

Alongside Union Jack there, is former head Pendragon Adam Crown and villianess turned Pendragon Francesca Grace. So far there has been no other info as to whether they actually appear in the issue itself. But it's great to see them at least remembered.

Unfortunately, the solicits don't mention who this cover is by. But then that's not the only way that the solicits are now out of date, it seems.

Rob Williams remains the writer for this issue, but at the time the solicits were released the artist listed for this issue was Marvel UK's Simon Coleby. Coleby has been replaced by Irish artist Will Sliney, who has been doing art in more recent times for Fearless Defenders and Superior Spider-man Team-Up.

But when you get a glimpse of his artwork I don't think you'll be left in any way disappointed for the change. I know that I wasn't. It looks great.

I won't spoil the issue by printing a full preview on this site. Go check it out at the link above if you want to read more. But I will post a couple of teaser images.

Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon is out on Wednesday. 

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