Sunday, 29 September 2013

First confirmed artist for Marvel UK revival 'Revolutionary War' - It's Nick Roche on Death's Head II.

Long time followers of my Twitter feed might remember a Death's Head image I retweeted back in February by Transformers an Doctor Who artist Nick Roche. This one in fact.

Complete with a bit of a cheeky plea to Marvel. I retweeted it purely because I loved the image - Classic Death's Head seemingly taking down Machine Man and The Vision. Nice work.
And I didn't think any more of it than that...
More fool me, perhaps. :)
This weekend was the Dublin International Comics Expo (D.I.C.E.), at which there was an official Marvel panel headed by Marvel Exec C.B. Cebulski. Bleeding Cool are reporting that at that panel Cebulski made the announcement that Nick Roche will be pencilling an Andy Lanning written Death's Head II one-shot as part of the Revolutionary War series which starts this January.
So far we are to understand that Revolutionary War's format will be two bookend titles for the event, followed up by a series of individual one-shots dedicated to each property. But so far we had no finite information on who would be responsible for those.
Well, I guess this is the first confirmed one-shot - Death's Head II by Lanning and Roche.
Roche is best known for his IDW work on Doctor Who and Transformers. And if that image is anything to go by this could be very interesting indeed.


  1. Liam Sharp told me on Deviantart that he's been asked to do a cover :)

  2. Hi seb_pinter.

    If that's true that's great news. It would be even better if he were doing interiors, but great news all the same. :)