Monday, 26 August 2013

Death's Head Heroclix

Well, here's something I just stumbled across.

Courtesy of Iacon Underground . It appears a Death's Head HeroClix figure has emerged. Last year DH won a contest on HeroClix's site to be made into a figure.

And here is the result:

Not bad at all, eh? Classic pose, based on Simon Williams' design from one of the Panini Death's Head trade collections. Love it.
He's to be included as part of an Invincible Iron Man expansion, apparently. What with all his recent guest appearances on that book it makes as much sense as any.
Now if only Hasbro would pull their finger out on that figure *they* promised like a year back... ;)


  1. Have you seen this sword?

    1. Holy galloping shit! That is amazing! :)

      Thanks for sharing, Mr Friend

  2. ooh has this been released yet? and I agree about the mooted DH action figure ...although given what Hasbro are currently doing with their action figures (stripping out articulation, heavy reliance on gimmicks, cheap plastics etc etc) I'm hoping the job gets done properly!