Sunday, 21 April 2013

ICFD Cover of the Week - 21st April 2013

This week's cover is from Captain Britain (vol 1) #19 from February 1977. Art I *think* by Herb Trimpe.

I love the pure melodrama of this cover.

This comes from the same 'Two Captains' crossover story which brought us the kidnap of Jim Callahan . You know I'm always surprised that the Red Skull hasn't been used as a Captain Britain (and affiliate) foe more often. He's always been a Captain America foe, and I can quite understand that. But ideologically while clearly America was an adversary for Nazi Germany I would have thought that Great Britain would be the bigger thorn in Hitler's side.

The largest European nation to say 'No' to that regime. 'No' to any alliance. 'No' to being invaded. A Country which survived nightly bombing raids, and could nt be taken down.

Sure, it's an American led comics industry. I know. As I am frequently reminded (seemingly even by the writers, these days) we are often no longer considered more than a footnote in American comics. But I still remain surprised thast more stories haven't chosen to take advantage of that.

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  1. First issue of Captain Britain I ever bought and first ongoing comic I ever collected. I'm sure it was the cover that led me to it.
    This issue holds a special place in my heart.