Thursday, 14 February 2013

What is 'Avengers UK'?

The May 2013 Marvel solicits are out, and it looks as if the month's books are significant dominated by Marvel's next big Event - 'Age of Ultron'.

To say that I had Event Fatigue after the past few years would be understating things somewhat. Despite being a huge fan of both Brian Michael Bendis an Bryan Hitch I was going to sit this one out.

Then this happened...

Cover by NIC KLEIN
ULTRON RULES OK! The AGE OF ULTRON hits Britain, and Captain Britain hits back with a little help from his friends - including a vacationing Captain Marvel! Fighting a guerilla war in the ruins of London, AGGRO! is a way of life for Avengers UK - but when they might just be the last super heroes left alive, can there still be hope? Or is England dreaming?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

You bastards.
Well, that's me back in, then. Hook, Line & Sinker.
But who are Avengers UK? How's Carol Danvers getting involved? And what the hell is going on!?
Well, note that this is Avengers Assemble #15AU. Note the "AU". What might that mean? Well, it's not the only book this month to have that tag attached to its numbering. Fearless Defenders and Uncanny Avengers do, also.

Here's the solicit for #7 of the main Age of Ultron series:

AGE OF ULTRON #7 (of 10)BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (W)BRANDON PETERSON & CARLOS PACHECO (A/C)Cover by BRANDON PETERSONVariant cover by LEINIL YUUltron Variant by ROCK-HE KIMIn an attempt to defeat Ultron two Marvel Heroes take it upon themselves to create an all-new Marvel Universe. But is the one they have created better or worse than the one they left behind? The event of the year just got INSANE!!32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

All NEW Marvel Universe? So that'll be "AU" for 'Alternate Universe' then? I don't know much of either of the creators involved (Although I understand that Al Ewing has done a fair bit of well thought of work for 2000 AD, over the past few years), but either way Captains Britain and Marvel punching seven shades of hell out of an army of Ultrons? How can that not be worth a punt?


  1. I've just come home from work, thought I'd just check my Blog before sitting down for something to eat, and then I saw your post. That makes two of us excited now!
    Can you guess what my Blog's going to feature later?

  2. I could have a speculative guess, yes... :)

    It'll be interesting to see who this 'Avengers UK' may involve. I'd assume MI13 forming the backbone, but the great thing about AU stories is that you can have characters on a team who usually are tied up elsewhere.

  3. This should be fun, but much as I like Carol (finally again, after the Civil War debacle), I'd prefer a UK Avengers to be all-UK residents. Still, hurrah!

    I thought AU stood for Age of Ultron, but of course Alternate Universe fits too. I've no idea why they're attaching the AU to that month's numbering, giving us a #15 and a #15AU rather than simply making the latter an AU #1. Well, I do, but I wish they wouldn't!