Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Marvel UK character appearances in US comics this week.

Tomorrow is New Comics Day - both North America and the UK. A grand total of two Marvel US market books may be of some interest to long term fans of British Marvel, this week. I've posted about both recently, and just in case some of you are curious to track them down here is what you should be looking for...

First up, Avenging Spider-man #17. Unworded preview art seems to suggest an odd guest appearance from Death's Head  

It's a story involving the Future Foundation (A splinter book from the Fantastic Four) so a guest appearance is not implausible.

Here's the solicit:

Published: February 27, 2013
Writer: Christopher Yost 
Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera 

THE SUPERIOR AGE CONTINUES as the Superior Spider-Man faces the future...the FUTURE FOUNDATION, that is.The Superior Spider-Man is forced to work with the FF as the literal future comes crashing in on them, threatening to destroy the Foundation itself and expose Spider-Man’s ultimate secret!PLUS! The Superior Spider-Man doesn't like kids.

And secondly, Avengers Arena #5, which features flashbacks featuring Captain Britain, and revealing more detail on Braddock Academy

This one should be interesting. The solicit, though, is brief...

Published: February 27, 2013
Rating: Rated T+
Writer: Dennis Hopeless 
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson 
The Braddock Academy vs...themselves? • Plus: What is up with Chase and Darkhawk?

So if you're interested, those are the covers to look for.

All the best.



  1. spider-man did indeed meet deaths head in avenging spider-man this week. he mentioned having met deaths head once before, have any idea in what comic this happened?

  2. Can't wait to hear what you reckon to Kid Britain. Oh dear ....