Thursday, 10 January 2013

Early 90s Excalibur art by Alan Davis

Recently I discovered that appears Tom Brevoort of Marvel Comics runs a Tumblr account by the name of The Marvel Age of Comics . It's a Tumblr where he posts up pieces of original artwork from Marvel's past, from pages and concept art, to one off pieces by specific artists. This piece by Alan Davis (And inks by Mark Farmer) was posted up at the weekend, and there was no way I couldn't share it...

Click to open a larger version.

What I love about this image is that not only does it feature the brilliant original line-up of Excalibur, as drawn by one of its creators, but it takes on a whole other dimension when you realise just who's standing in the background. Some are more obvious than others; the distinctive mask of Micromax looming giant-like over Cap's right shoulder and the blades on his back give away Kylun behind Rachel. And then you start noticing a theme developing...

On the left hand side that is clearly Widget, in its final evolution form. And that weird bug-like mask behind Brian and Rachel is the same one Cerise was wearing when she crash landed on Earth. That only leaves one figure unaccounted for. It looks like they're wearing a hood. Was Feron wearing a hood when he first appeared...?

So yes, basically what we have here is Davis drawing the first incarnation of a team he co-created standing in front of the characters who would go on to form the line-up of the team as it was when he ended his tenure on the book. 

How awesome is that? :)

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