Sunday, 4 September 2011

Panel Beatings: What's in a Name?

From: Dark Guard #1 (Oct 1993)

Words: Dan Abnett
Art: Carlos Pacheco


  1. I've never heard of Darkguard. I like the idea of having super-team meals on standby.

  2. Dark Guard were designed to be the Marvel UK all-start Superteam. They only had a four issue mini, which ended with a cliffhanger never to be resolved before the closure of Marvel UK.

    The team consisted of Motormouth & Killpower, Death's Head II, Col Tigon Liger and Stacy Arnheim from Warheads, Albion (Peter Hunter) from Knights of Pendragon, Ultramarine and Dark Angel.

    It was kind of like eXiles, long before there was an eXiles. A team which could leap from the Time Guardian's Citadel out to any point in the timestream, to sort out a problem.