Friday, 19 August 2011

Captain Britain to be part of an Avengers team. No. Really, this time.

Yes. I know that we've been here before. With Steve Rogers even offering Brian a place on the Avengers, and his accepting...


I know.

But this time the promise has come from none other than Tom Brevoort. I promise I'm not stalking Tom (No. Genuinely not. Honest). But following on from questions asked on Mr Brevoort's Formspring last week, others have been a bit more direct in trying to pin down info on where we'll be seeing Captain Britain next.

Well... that may be a one word answer. But potentially a rather good one word answer. With Brian's Avengers status having been left hanging for so long it seems that we might finally be getting an answer. Which Avengers title, and under what circumstances? Well, we'll have to wait and see.

I've long since protested that Captain Britain is a sound choice for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Near limitless strength, an ability to see magical hexes as physical manipulatable objects, and a practical scientific knowledge of interdimensional travel and how to achieve it. And of course he makes any such Avengers team a bit more International. Which can only be a good thing.

Not sure when "SOON" will be, obviously. But I will say it's great to see quite so many people asking Mr Brevoort about Brian. Last year that would probably have just been me. :)

Marvel's a bit clogged up news wise right now, with Fear Itself, its aftermath, the new X-Men line-ups. But I'm sure we'll find out where Brian fits sooner or later.

I'll keep 'em peeled...

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