Wednesday, 13 July 2011

So it IS Ultimate Jamie Braddock.

Further to the post I put up a couple of weeks back the nice people at Marvel had an Ultimate Universe Q and A session via their Twitter account (@Marvel) with Ultimate Line Editor Mark Paniccia.

Well, what better opportunity to test my pet theory that it is in fact JAMIE Braddock dressed up in the Captain Britain costume in that preview art from Jonathan Hickman's new Ultimates series. It certainly looked a fair bit like him. And as it happens...

A simple (and purely) one word answer, but there you have it!

Phew. Thought I was going to have another Secret Avengers fiasco on my hands for a moment there... :)

So, yes, we will get to see an Ultimate Universe debut for Brian's older brither. Great news.

In other vaguely British character news (Vaguely, because technically she was born on American soil) the following image has been popping up online over the past couple of days:

That would be Elsa Bloodstone, heading up a new Legion of Monsters series, spinning out I'm told (Because shamefully I did not pick it up) of last year's 'Franken-Castle' arc of The Punisher, by Rick Remender. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Remender himself is writing it (Loving his Uncanny X-Force, at the moment) but I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.


  1. Sounds interesting! BTW I just managed to get the US Captain Britain Hardback edition of the first 2 Panini books, It's great, really nice printing. Also picked up the Captain America films CB figure which is basically the "New Excalibur" Uniform...

  2. Hi Krisb. Yes it really is the New Excalibur uniform, isn't it? Which has it's good and its bad points, I suppose.

    I too have First Hardback trade. They've done a really good job there. Quite impressed.

  3. Yeah I was surprised that they did the New Excalibur uniform, but have you seen the the K-Mart exclusive version is the MI:13 costume but with a helmet? Also there is a double pack "first appearance" thing coming out with the 70's uniform, a spiderman figure and a copy of the claremont / byrne Marvel Team up issue. I don't know if it it reprints both issues or just the first.

    That means every Captain Britain Uniform would have a figure in print. Which is sort of crazy. Someone in the Marvel merchandising department must have a soft spot for him...