Saturday, 26 June 2010

Don't you miss those 90s 'Website Under Maintenance' signs?

Hi all. Anybody who has visited the site over the past couple of days has probably noticed som quite odd changes in layout and aesthetic going on. I have decided that the time had come to try and upgrade the look of this site. The one thing which frustrates me quite so much is just how cramped Blogger's default templates can be - squashing up text and images in that left hand pane.

This has proved to be a little more complicated than I had originally anticipated. At least to get something which I am happy with. So if I could please ask you to be a little patient with us, that would be great. I promise that the end result will be a little easier on the eye, when it comes to reading this Blog.

In the meantime, in the world of Marvel UK cameos, anybody who bought Avengers #2 this week - did you spot the Death's Head II glimpse in this issue? Go back and look again if you didn't.

Speak soon


- Posted on the move, from my pretentious phone...


  1. I can't bring myself to get Bendis' Avengers, so if you have time for a scan of that DHII cameo, it would be nice to see.

    DHII's appearance at the end of MI: 13 seemed like a fan-pleasing one-off, but the original had a big role in SWORD, and now this; it's almost as if DH is waiting in the wings for something.

  2. Damn right he's waiting in the wings! :)

    Very very much a cameo. A glimpse rather than something larger. But always great to see. Next time I'm near my scanner I'll give it a go.

    Apologies once again for delays, folks..