Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Four appearances for Captain Britain & MI13 in 2010?

Spotted this morning on Paul Cornell's Twitter Feed:

Yes, I know... that's not much to go on, but that does at least sound promising. Four appearances is most definitely better than none.

This follows on from a question which Marvel's Tom Brevoort answered on Comic Book Resources Marvel Comics forum, last week:

Discuss. ;)


  1. Looking forward to it!

    By the way, on a rather belated and non-continuity note, but did you catch Captain Britain's appearance in Panini UK Marvel Heroes 15 & 16? It featured CB & a host of heroes against The Fury and unusually, was a direct sequel to a CB/Spidey vs. The Fury tale that ran in Panini's Spectacular Spider-Man a few years back. Given the format and target audience, it was a surprisingly enjoyable tale and featured art from John McCrea and Kev Hopgood.

    The previous issue of Marvel Heroes (14) featured a Union Jack solo tale with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by MI-13, which referenced CB's absence.

    Great site, by the way!

  2. P.S. In case, no one's mentioned it yet, there's a pesky link which, after a few seconds, is redirecting visitors from your site to http://searchinvented.com/?flrdr=yes&nxte=js&dn=smashingfeeds.com&fp=hb7GokiGfozV0abjQ%2BoyHW9uRSNpXfi0UlthFHP3azzdeHl00RzC9bm3xq7vTPMlmnO7Hoc%2FMsf5%2BrT36otE5g%3D%3D&prvtof=s3Vwlar7SOiQ5hA1YhZEEQ2fViIAuEDCa%2FpguA6sFqNMzl2ESjPHpyv68nwEeYL5rwTp61vNRJlQf1OzcQpx4w%3D%3D&cifr=1

    The work of Mad Jim Jaspers, perhaps? :-)

  3. Hi Khayem. That's for the heads up.

    It appears that somebody did hack one of the widgets I use on the blog. It seems I'm not alone...


    I've deleted the widget in question and will be keeping an eye on it. Sorry, to anybody who was redirected there and any trouble it may have caused you.

    I am aware of Marvel Heroes. It was mentioned to me by Loki over on Comic Book Resources' forum before Christmas. Annoyingly, I've not been able to get hold of a copy of issues 14-16. I missed them in the newsagents when they were released, and nobody is selling them on eBay.

    I might try to contact Panini directly, and see if they still have any copies in stock.