Monday, 14 December 2009

Another great custom job... YES?

Hello again.

Remember me?

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I'm still in the process of catching up with almost two months worth of emails and questions. I'll get there. Eventually.

For those unaware I spent November competing in National Novel Writing Month (, which I am very happy to say I completed. I now have 50,000 words to sort into some semblance of sense at some point, but in the meantime have obviously not been online anywhere near as much as I usually am.

Hence the silence here.

I'm going to attempt to get a few quick Blogs out this week, to get this site back up and running. Starting with another custom job courtesy of a Mr Chris Holmes, who writes:

Hi Mark,

I've been a reader of your blog for quite a while now and as a fellow Marvel UK fan enjoy what you write. After reading your story about the Death's Head Stikfa by Fourth Heir I thought I'd take you up on sharing some fan product. I'm a huge Death's Head fan and really bemoan his lack of love at Marvel so I try to keep the flag flying by producing art work based around him occasionally. I've created a pair of custom trainers featuring a version of DH which you can see at the below link.

Well, 'Hi' Chris. And apologies. Because you sent me this towards the end of October. And I promised to get it up in the next post.

Which has turned out to be in December...

The link in question was this one. Leading to a rather excellent custom job on a Nike Trainer:

You know, that's actually pretty bloody good. Top marks Chris! Good work. And DH in the green body warmer style armour. I have to admit that I always preferred that getup to the later armour he was placed in during his first solo series. It looked more like mercenary gear, which (Let's be fair) is much more what Death's Head is.

Chris has his own blog, which can be found here :

As well as a DeviantART page, where he posts as Yetixx:

That page has a few other Death's Head fan art examples, including this rather brilliant concept for a LEGO figure.

You've GOT to love that.

As Chris pointed out in his email it certainly has felt that, certainly in recent years, Death's Head has not received quite the amount of love at Marvel that maybe he should.

However... Death's Head 2 did of course get a cameo in the final is of Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk's Captain Britain & MI13. And the original Death's Head has also made a return...

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