Saturday, 24 January 2009

A call to arms - Support Captain Britain & MI13.

Good evening,

I'm writing this Blog in a bit of a daze, today. I'm sure that it won't have escaped some of your attentions that some very odd things happened yesterday with regards to Captain Britain & MI13. As it turns out there has been a bit of miscommunication between a few people at Marvel Comics, which caused a major stir in several parts of the internet yesterday. Let me cut through the confusion and just make this plain:

Captain Britain is NOT cancelled.

Do not worry.

Let me direct you to a couple of official statements, made yesterday evening after Newsarama got involved (Newsarama: Rumorkiller: Captain Britain NOT Cancelled ) and Matt Fraction echoing the same on MySpace's MyCup O' Joe, filling in this week for Marvel's Editor in chief Joe Quesada ( MyCup o’ Matt - It's about half way down along with some preview art from the next issue).

So, let that be the official word on the matter.

Actually while we're on the subject of preview material take a look at this:

Yes, you're seeing this correctly. Doctor Doom and Dracula, on the Moon, in #10 of Captain Britain & MI13. How can you not be interested in picking that up?

So, yes. This book is safe for now - But it REALLY needs your support.

I know, times are tough. A lot of folks have told me that they are trade waiting on this one. I can understand why. If we needed proof of just how many have been it's worth noting that Panini Comics printed their collection of the first 4 issues of the book this month. It's now sold out its entire print run in those brief couple of weeks it was on the shelves. They're printing more to match the demand. I know there are American readers also aching to get there hands on the trade - getting more than a little frustrated that they have to wait until March for theirs.

If you are trade waiting on Captain Britain and MI13 I'm making a plea direct to you. I know that resources may be tight right now, but I want to encourage you to consider NOT waiting. I'm not telling you NOT to buy the trade - Because I think it's great and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. But Captain Britain and MI13 needs your support in single issues. The book comes out regular as clockwork, and unlike many of Marvel's titles cost only $2.99. Please, dig deep and FIND that $2.99 (Or it's UK equivalent) and pick up a copy of #10 on February 11th, to help keep this title alive and well.

It's pretty tough for all of Marvel's second tier titles right now. It's a pretty well-known and understood truth amongst comics fans right now that if you want to read the best which Marvel Comics has to offer then you need to look away from the Avengers and X-Men titles, and towards the second tier. Captain Britain is a leading exponent of that truth, with its spiritual siblings Nova, Incredible Hercules and Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, when people are strapped for cash these are the exact kind of books which suffer the most. I wonder just how many people didn't pick up their usual copy of these ongoing titles in December, in order to afford all those $3.99 books bearing the Dark Reign banner. It's sad to see it happen, but it does. It's even worse when a fan realises they've sacrificed one of those books to pick up a title which turns out to be reprints or previews of upcoming books.

Captain Britain is safe right now, but if you want to see it survive to the other end of 2009 in this comic book climate it's going to need some help.

It's a great book, and it's never failed to gain critical acclaim. #9 was Newsarama's Best Shot of the week ( Newsarama Best Shots: Captain Britain, Prometheus, GI Joe ), Comics Daily voted Cap's return as the best Comics Moment of 2008 ( Comics Daily Awards 2008 : Best Moment ) and Comic Book Resources voted it as #10 in their top 100 Comic Books of 2008 ( Best 100 Comics of 2008, Part V ). But more people need to know how good it is. With all the new titles launching this spring, and all those other tie-in books, we here at It Came from Darkmoor want to make sure that it never gets lost in the crowd.

Yesterday was pretty crazy. But if it showed us one really great thing it's that the concept of this book not being around any more sparked a response in the fanboy community. People at Millarworld and Newsarama were talking about campaigns to make Marvel change their mind, dozen and dozens of posters were voicing their contempt at such a move, banners were being made for forums. For one day a fanbase came out and made a big deal about a book they loved. And that was something great to see. Let's not lose that spirit. Let's take it and spread the word.

Captain Britain & MI13 has always stuck to its release schedule without fail. The writing and art has been consistently brilliant throughout its run. Paul Cornell' s continuing stream of great ideas and strong character interaction is a joy to read, and Leonard Kirk's incredibly expressive artwork conveys every emotion, every thought process, every crazy scene and concept to the letter. It's not had a weak issue to date and it deserves far more attention than it's been getting these past few months.

On the 11th of February (or the 12th in the UK) #10 comes out. It's a new story arc, a great new jumping on point for a new reader, and this story is going to have a big effect on the cast. Look back up at that image. That's your hook. It's the Apollo lander, and Dr Doom and Dracula are plotting up there. That's just part of what this story has.

You'll see the Black Knight travelling to Wakanda, to get the real version of his sword back from the Black Panther. A sword which by its very magical nature makes men not want to let it go.

You'll see Blade the vampire hunter and Spitfire (Both of whom are a little bit vamp...) trying to work out where they stand, both with each other and within a story which is called 'Vampire State'.

You'll see Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom, drinking and getting drunk, in a pub, in a scene of "Beer and Lechery".

How can anybody not find some part of that worthy of a look in?

It Came From Darkmoor is designating Wednesday February 11th as CAP WEDNESDAY.

If you've been sitting on the fence about whether or not to get into this series this is your perfect time to give it a go. Go out to your local comic book store and ask them to put you an issue aside for you.

If you like the book then tell somebody else about it. Friends, family, work colleagues. Spread the word. Tell them why you think they'd dig it, and tell them it's out on the 11th (Or 12th in the UK) . If they're not sure then loan them a back issue or a trade. Heck, if they're not into comics go down the comic book store with them to buy a copy. Maybe you can get them into comics.

Spread the word people. Half the problem is that people don't know it's great yet.

Support Captain Britain & MI13 - Support CAP WEDNESDAY.

And for those already converted who want to hear more about the book, can I recommend the following interview Bloody Hell: Cornell on Captain Britain and podcast The Comic Addiction, Episode 79 which went up earlier in the week, with writer Paul Cornell.

And for those who are asking, yes the Cocktail pics are now off the camera, and I'll be posting them up in the week.

Goodbye for now.



  1. Wow, Mark you outdid yourself on your latest post "A call to arms". Dazed is exactly how I felt last night when I got home from work and read about that rumor. I thought we got past this cancellation talk. Your are exactly right about this book and I will support Cap Wednesday.



  2. Thank you for this very eloquent explanation of the truth of the situation. Captain Britain & MI-13 is one of only a handful of quality titles Marvel are putting out at the moment and it would have been ridiculous to shelve it.

    Issue Eight was my "Top Of The Pile" ( and the final page of issue Nine just blew my mind.

    This is great stuff - the essence of brilliance that makes comics so great!

  3. Im getting it already and i love it!! I hope it sticks around for as long as possible!