Saturday, 27 September 2008

Captain Britain and MI:13 presents 'Zombie Spot the Difference'.

Yeah, I bet that headline caught your attention. As ever, allow me to explain.

So Captain Britain and MI:13 #5 got a Marvel Apes Variant Cover. Well, issue 6 will be getting a Zombie variant.

Several of you who have been looking at Marvel solicits over the past months may recall having seen the following Bryan Hitch cover solicited for #6:

Simple enough - Captain Britain, fighting presumably what are the main adversary's foot-soldiers for this new arc. Well, it seems there was a bit of rethink, and a new cover by Hitch has been added to's official catalog, a group shot of Cap AND MI:13. It's kind of moody, and on a red wasteland background. I personally think it looks great.

Once again it's David Yardin who's been charged with creating the variant cover, and what better way to do a Zombie cover than take the existing concept and... well, zombify it. Below I've joined the standard and variant covers together, for the full effect (The Hitch cover is on the left, Yardin's on the right). I'm sure you'll agree the effect is impressive (Click to open a larger image):

It's like holding up some kind of twisted mirror in the middle, distorting it from either side's point of view. And that leads us to the title. Accepting that the left hand side is the original image, how many differences can you spot? ;D

To see the image in better detail, and to view a link to the lineart, hop on over to David Yardin's DeviantART page:

Sorry for the recent absence, btw. It's been crunch time at work this month. I've clocked up some serious time off for my extra hours, but the downside for working for a videogames firm is that having spent all day with one eye on a games console screen and the other on a PC monitor the one thing you often can't deal with when you get home is switching on another monitor and typing...

Rest assured I have a lot to post up. And I will find the time, shortly.

Speak soon.

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