Sunday, 3 February 2008

What a difference a week makes...

What a difference, indeed. Regular visitors will no doubt have noticed that the hit counter has been jumping up a bit these past few days. I've been lucky enough that a few people have started to find out about this place, and been kind enough to spread the word. From your comments on here and from the emails Ive been receiving from some of you we seem to be developing a bit of community here, and that's really good. The more people who remember Marvel UK, and the British Marvel characters, the better.

I had hoped to have a couple of blog pieces up this weekend, but a housing emergency has got in the way (I can't physically get to my comics boxes right now, to do some scanning...). So I though, instead I'd take the time to thank a few people for being part of this.

Firstly a big thank you to Paul Cornell. Those of you who are Doctor Who fans will probably already know who Paul is, but for those who don't he's also been doing a bit of work for Marvel Comics, writing the brilliant Wisdom mini-series from last year (Which showcased to British Marvel characters who really had been away too long) and a Young Avengers one-shot with the Vision which will be coming out soon.

He's a bloody nice bloke, and you can find his blog over here:

I'd also like to thank John Freeman for sticking a link up on his site this week ( and Richard Starkings for posting up that Dragon's Claws artwork. These two guys were key to so many Marvel UK titles, and it's been really great to hear their perspective on some of these characters and the way that things used work back in the day. Thanks, guys.

While the comments are always welcome on site, I'd also like to thank all you guys who've emailed me over the past few weeks, with thanks and discussion. I received a very nice email from former Marvel UK artist Liam Sharp the other day, who's been nice enough to put a link to this blog up on his DeviantART and MySpace page. Thanks Liam, I really appreciate that. Anybody who loves Liam's art should really take a look at that art page, and look out for his work on DC's Lord Havoc and the Extremists and Testament.

Since the blog went up I've had several request from people as to where they can find copies of the Mortigan Goth: Immortalis series, and other Marvel UK imprint titles. Your best bet is eBay, these days, or rooting around at your local comic book store. I picked up a lot of my gaps in runs through eBay a few years back. I had to (Somewhat ironically, get a lot of them shipped from the States) but I did find what I was looking for.

And finally a quick word of thanks to Thomas Wood - Your emails about Knights of Pendragon have got my mind brewing on a piece for them, as well. Thank you.

Hopefully, house problems sorted, I'll have a couple of updates up in the week. Until then thanks for your support, and don't be afraid to post a comment ;)


The Sword is Drawn.

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