Saturday, 26 January 2008

Original Excalibur to guest star in Clandestine #3

You heard that right. The original Excalibur, none of this NEW Excalibur malarkey.

The April Solicits are out, and with them the listing for Alan Davis' Clandestine #3. And just take a look at the cover:

A perfect pastiche of Davis' cover for Excalibur #1. Meggan - Still alive! Rachel Summers - Still as the Phoenix! But before people too excited of a proper Excalibur revival, there is reason we're seeing the original five together again:

Guest-starring the time-lost Excalibur! Anybody who loved Alan Davis’s classic
run on that series in the ‘90s will want to jump on board, because the
Cross-Time Express is making its way through the dimension Newton Destine calls
home, and it’s bringing with it a trainload of trouble along with it! Rated T+
So, basically this is the original incarnation of Excalibur, during the Cross-Time Caper storyline. And who would know better of how to write and draw that than Davis himself? Not many people.

Clandestine #3 comes out on April 2nd.

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