Tuesday, 11 December 2007

British characters in Heroclix. No, really!

As referred to by Paul Cornell, over at his blog http://paulcornell.blogspot.com/2007/12/from-dublin-to-culture-with-tuxedo.html) it would appear that Heroclix are finally branching out into representing some of the more obscure Marvel Characters, in their game. He recently received a Pete Wisdom Heroclix figure, which was sent to him. Now, while I've never actually played Heroclix, I have seen the figures. Frankly, I've never really been that impressed. So I wanted find out just what a Wisdom figure might look like. A quick look at their website revealed the following:

That's not as bad as I feared it might be. Although those 'hot-knives' jutting from Wisdom's fingers actually seem to look a bit more like he's had an accident with a bacon slicer, than a bonafide mutant power.

But this got me thinking... How many other British-characters or characters from British-based Marvel titles might have been committed to plastic in this way? The search... was not as successful as hoped. But still not entirely fruitless.

However, if you think that old Pete's been a bit mangled, spare a thought for poor ex-lover Kitty Pryde:

Not exactly flattering. No. I know that Kitty's considered plain by some, but there's plain, and then there's just... malformed.

She's not the only face from Excalibur, though. Here's the whole original lineup:

All, except for Rachel Summers. The only Phoenix Heroclix do is Jean Grey. But the others aren't too bad. Meggan in particular looks pretty good for that scale, and Kurt has a sword.

Away from Excalibur, and on to specifically British characters, You can also find a Union Jack and Spitfire:

A little bit dumpy, but otherwise sound. And at least somebody still remembered them ;-)

And at least they're not as crap as Chamber:

Is that Psionic Flame or is it an unsightly fungal infection? The choice is yours...

Sadly, however, (And it should surprise me) no figures from the actual Marvel UK line. I want a Death's Head, or a Motormouth, or a Killpower! Now I'm not saying it would ever make me play Heroclix, but it might make me more inclined than I am right now.

Let's start a campaign! Who's with me!? ;-)


  1. I would love a Death's Head Heroclix figure! Great character, yes?

  2. Indeed. But which one? I think it would be kinda cool to have all three versions.